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Hotel Policies

Payment Policy

When a Credit Card or Debit Card is used at check in, we contact your Credit Card or Debit Card Company to give an estimated total of your charges and deposits, PLUS up to $25 per day for incidentals. If the transaction is approved then a pending charge to your available credit (Credit Card) or to the balance in your bank account (Debit Card) creates a "HOLD" for this amount.
Upon check out we release the authorization hold on your account. However, it is up to the issuing bank's credit hold policy as to when they will release that hold from their system. Some banks may take up to 15 days to release those funds back to you.
For further information on credit and debit card holds, please call the customer service number on the back of your card.

Other Payment Policies

Guests must provide a major credit card at check-in to secure their room charges and incidentals. Pre-paid and gift card credit cards will be treated like cash and therefore are not accepted at check-in but can be used to pay the full bill at check-out once the room has been inspected for damages.
All stays require a deposit of $250 weekday and as much as $500 on weekends. Credit card will be authorized at check-in for the deposit, deposit will be refunded upon checkout and room inspection.
We Do Not Accept Cash Or Check As a Primary Payment Option. Every Guest Must Have A Valid Credit Card On File.

Unaccompanied Minors Policy

In accordance with California Code 1865(d)(1) where a minor unaccompanied by an adult seeks accommodations, hotel staff may require a parent or guardian of the minor, or another responsible adult, to assume, in writing, full liability for any and all proper charges and other obligations incurred by the minor for accommodations, food and beverages, and other services provided by or through the innkeeper, as well as for any and all injuries or damage caused by the minor to any person or property.
Please contact the hotel front desk for the appropriate form.

Pet Policy

Our full pet policy can be found here

Shuttle Service

Click here to read more about our shuttle service.

Children'S Policy

Children 16 & under stay free when staying in a room with accompanying adults as long as the total occupancy of the room does not exceed the maximum fire code allowance. Some package rates may include children's fees to cover the cost of package inclusions such as attraction tickets or transportation costs.

Early Arrival / Late Departure

Since hotel policies regarding early arrival or late departure vary by location and by hotel, please call the hotel directly prior to your arrival to make any necessary arrangements. Hotel direct phone numbers can be found on your confirmation email or on the Hotel Information page.

NO Party Policy

At Chase Suite Hotel we recognize that all guests have a right to a restful night free of disturbances and we are committed to aggressively protecting this right. Any guest creating a disturbance as defined by hotel staff will be evicted. Chase Suite Hotel also reserves the right to involve local Law Enforcement Agencies to enforce all applicable laws. Eviction will result in all payments and deposits being forfeited regardless of the amount of time a guest has occupied the room. The guest creating the disturbance will also be held financially responsible for losses the hotel incurs due to excessive cleaning costs, damage repair and/or lost revenue.
For more information on any policies, please contact us directly prior to your arrival either by the phone number listed above or by e-mailing
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